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Carbon Fiber Probes

Made of  PVDF, reinforced with conducting carbon fiber.
The soft tips will not scratch delicate surfaces.
Well suited for forensic and microscopy applications.
The set includes three probes; double spatula, curved tip at one end the other flat end, and straight tip one end and flat on the other.
Available as set of 3 or individually.

Ordering information:
# 283-500  Carbon fiber probes, set of 3, (spatula, straight and curved tip)
# 283-501  Carbon fiber probes, double end spatula, each,
# 283-502  Carbon fiber probes, curved tip, and flat end, each
# 283-503  Carbon fiber probes, straight tip and flat end, each    

fine stainless steel probes

Fine Stainless Steel Probes

These very fine stainless steel probes are 130mm  ( 5”) long, and come with straight, bent or hook points. Very well made and useful small instruments for many delicate uses.

Ordering information:
# 279-10  Stainless steel small probes, straight tip
# 279-11  Stainless steel small probes, bent tip
# 279-12  Stainless steel small probes, hook tip

sem hitachi single mount storage tube

SEM Hitachi Single Mount Storage Tube

Hitachi stubs with M4 thread is held securely and protected in the base of the tube.
Can be used for the 15mm mount (# 795)
Good for storage or transportation

Ordering information:
# 799-2400  SEM single Hitachi stub holder, pkg/10

black microscope slide mailer

Black Microscope Slide Mailer

Useful for mailing slides, holds 5 microscope slides (3x1”) in secure place, they will not touch.
A stained black container for light sensitive specimen.
Flip top positive lock.

Ordering information:
LM425-100  Black microscope slide mailer, 100/pkg

unipol metal polish

UNIPOL® Metal Polish

Since the discountinued POL is not available many users have switched to the Unipol® which give the same performance.
Use for cleaning and polishing electron microscopes, vacuum coating systems and many other instruments. Unipol® is petroleum based and does not contain silicones. Dissolves in most hydrocarbons.
Optimum results can be optained on hard stainless steel or chromium coated surfaces. Not recommended on aluminium

Ordering information:
# 501-2  Unipol® Metal Polish paste, 50 ml

peek polish paste

PEEK Polish Paste

PEEK Polish paste is a new cleaning material that not only cleans and polishes, but it protects all metals as well as fiberglass surfaces.

Ordering information:
# 501-3 
Peek Polish, 100 ml tube

pikal paste

Pikal Paste

Widely used metal polish paste to clean electron microscope parts, ion beam systems, vacuum  evaporation systems and stainless steel chambers. Can be used to remove difficult stains on metal, glass or enamel surfaces. Can be applied to wipes, cotton swabs or buffing wheels for polishing.

Ordering information:
# 501-4  Pikal Polishing Paste, 250 g

texwipe allpurpose wipes


All-purpose Cotton Wipes

TexWipe® wipes are one hundred percent cotton, with a tight weave construction. The twill patterned surface on both sides of the wipes will remove any contaminant from the cleaned surface.

TexWipe® cloth 15 x 15 cm ( 6 x 6 “).

Ordering information:
# 509-3  TexWipe®  Cloth, 600/pkg

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