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Immuno-Gold Labeling Reagents

Immuno-Gold Labeling Reagents

  • Unconjugated Gold & Silver Sols
  • Protein A, G, A/G Colloidal Gold
  • Gold conjugates for EM & LM
  • Silver Enhancement Kit LM & EM
  • Silver Enhancement Kit for Proteins & Nucleic Acids
  • Protogold®- Protein Staining Kit
  • Genogold®  Nucleic Acid Staining Kit
  • Biobond - Tissue Section Adhesive
  • Biomount- Tissue Section Mounting Medium

  • Applications:

    Electron Microscopy - Immunogold labelling is the most widely used methodology in electron microscope Immunocytochemistry. Gold labels are very electron-dense and can be readily distinguished from cellular components.

    Light Microscopy - Immunogold staining in combination with silver enhancement is a rapid, sensitive technique which permits very precise localization of antigen compared to enzymatic detection methods.

    Blotting - Immunogold conjugates may be used with silver enhancement to visualize DNA, RNA or proteins on nitrocellulose, PVDF or nylon membranes

    “In Situ” Hybridization - Specific DNA and RNA sequences can be readily be identified using gold labelling after in situ” Hybridization with biotinylated or digoxigenin labelled DNA probes.

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