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Diamond Knife re-sharpening

Diamond Knife re-sharpening

 DIAMOND KNIVES and  HISTO-KNIVES will withstand many re-sharpenings.  Our sharpening process will return your diamond knifeā€™s edge to its original cutting state. 

For our re-sharpening service send the Diamond Knife accompanied by  a  purchase order  to : 


1 chemin du lac Chevreuil
Canton de Gore, (Lakefield)
Quebec, Canada.
J0V 1K0


 (450) 562-1451

 (450) 562-3443

(450) 562-3430

Toll Free:


  • Please allow  4-6 weeks.

  • We offer a Re-sharpening service  for other makes of diamond knives as well, call for more information. For current prices please call our Customer Service Department.

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