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Varispeed Rotator

Varispeed Rotator

Our VARISPEED ROTATOR offers to the investigator complete flexibility, by selecting the variable speed and tilt angle of the rotating head. The speed range of approximately 2-36 rpm is infinitely variable and the torque is constant throughout the range.  Variable speed is easily set with a rotary control knob The angle of tilt of the whole rotor assembly is adjustable from a horizontal position to a vertical position, thereby greatly extending the possible use of the VARISPEED ROTATOR.  The bottom is cushioned by rubber feet . A two rotating head type is available. 24 hole rotating head and 11 clips rotating head.

Product # Description
# 3110-0 VARISPEED ROTATOR, 115 VAC, with 24 hole rotating head, each 
# 3110-1 VARISPEED ROTATOR, 115 VAC, with clips rotating head, each 
# 311-30 Rotary Head only with 24 holes, each 
# 311-40 Rotary Head only with clips, each 

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