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Tape and Label Index

Tape and Label  Index

CANEMCO & MARIVAC carry a wide assortment of tapes for use the Laboratory. Since many of the specialty tapes are generally specific to the area of research you will find these items spread throughout the site in the various key areas to which they apply. (ie: Copper conducting tape in the SEM section). This index is designed to give the user a quick overview of tape and labeling products found throughout this website.


  • Adhesive transfer tape
  • Adhesive transfer tape, No.465
  • Adhesive tape (non conductive without Liner)
  • Adhesive Tape (non conductive with liner)
  • Adhesive Transfer Tape (No.410)
  • Aluminum tape
  • Carbon tape  
  • Carbon Tape of Carbon Tabs Quality
  • Conductive Tape
  • Conductive adhesive carbon tape
  • Copper tape
  • Double coated copper tape
  • Double stick tape,No.655
  • Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser
  • Microscope slide labels
  • Parafilm
  • PTFE tape (Teflon)
  • Scotch Magic Tape,
  • Silver Coated Polyester Tape
  • Write-On™ Label Tape
  • Write-On™ Label Tape Dispenser  (Single Roll)
  • Write-On™ Label Tape Dispenser (Multi Roll)

Online Catalogs


For your convenience we have also provided our latest supplemental catalogs in PDF format here.

Other catalogs may be found within the Products section.