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Storage Solutions Index

Storage Solutions Index

CANEMCO & MARIVAC carry a wide assortment of storage solutions for the Laboratory. As storage is generally specific to the area of research you will find these items spread throughout the site in the various key areas to which they apply. (ie: SEM storage boxes in the SEM section). This index is designed to give the user a quick overview of storage solutions found throughout this website.


Bottles and Vials

Glass Bottles


Cardboard boxes

Plastic boxes

Membrane boxes


Dust Free Cabinets

Desiccator cabinets

Cryo Storage

Cane for Cryovial® Tubes

Storage Boxes for Cryovial®

Grid Storage

Support grid storage boxes


Storage boxes for histology cassettes

Storage drawers for histology cassettes

Photographic Storage

NegaFile Storage System

Glassine envelopes

Kraft paper envelopes

Slide Storage

Slidefile storage system

Slide tray

Slide folders

Microscope slide boxes

Microscope slide drawers

Slide Mailers

SEM Storage

SEM stub storage boxes


Tweezers Holders and racks

Online Catalogs


For your convenience we have also provided our latest supplemental catalogs in PDF format here.

Other catalogs may be found within the Products section.