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Ultra-Thin Gold Film Apertures


Ultra-Thin Gold Film Apertures

Our ultra-thin film apertures offer contamination free clean hole edge even a long beam exposure. These apertures have the advantage that they heat up in the beam and are effectively self cleaning. The small amount of contamination which deposits after lengthy operation may be removed by heating the aperture strongly for a short time with the focused electron beam.

Please Note: Thin film apertures should not be used in the condenser lens as they may melt. They are of course more fragile to handle and can be irreparably damaged by abrasion or by a sudden rush of air in the vacuum system.

Normal tolerance on hole size  is +/- 10%


Ultra-thin Gold Film Aperture 2 mm Diameter

Catalog # Hole Size
805-4 10 micron
805-5 15 micron
805-6 20 micron
805-7 25  micron
805-8 30 micron
805-9 40 micron
805-10 50micron
805-11 70 micron
805-13 100micron
805-14 200micron

Ultra-thin Gold Film Aperture 3 mm Diameter

Catalog # Hole Size
804-4 10 micron
804-5 15 micron
804-6 20 micron
804-7 25  micron
804-8 30 micron
804-9 40 micron
804-10 50micron
804-11 70 micron
804-13 100micron
804-14 200micron

Ultra-thin Gold Film Aperture 3 mm dia for Zeiss Microscope

3mm diameter x 0.125 thick

Ultra-thin Gold Film Aperture 3 mm dia. for Zeiss

Catalog # Hole Size
804 30 micron
804-01  60 micron
804-02 90 micron

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