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Film or Plate Degasser, Desiccators

Film or Plate Degasser, Desiccators

Product #
# 1200 Vacuum Desiccator System, Complete, holds assembled camera (Philips EM400) or casettes,10" diameter, 15½" high. Made of special aluminum alloy, each
# 1200-2  Replacement O-ring for the Desiccator system 
# 1201  Vacuum Desiccator 250 mm diameter, polypropylene each 
# 1201-1 All Clear Vacuum Desiccator, small 149 mm inside diameter, each 
# 1201-2  All Clear Vacuum Desiccator, medium, 197 mm inside diameter, each 
# 1201-3 All Clear Vacuum Desiccator, large, 240 mm inside diameter, each 
# 1201-4 Desiccator Shield, small 210 mm inside diameter, each 
# 1201-5 Desiccator Shield, large, 305 mm inside diameter, each
# 1201-6 Vacuum Bell Jar and plate, 20 cm inside diameter,11 cm height, each

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